I have recommended this book to many counselees as it is a literal treasure trove of biblical truths encapsulated in one volume.

Best–selling author Nancy Leigh Demoss gives a comprehensive redress to 9 lies we are inclined to believe when the going gets tough. She describes lies relating to the character of God and to many important areas of life. It is such a great handbook to keep on our coffee table as it is one we can turn to at any time. Nancy addresses many of the challenges women face in today’s world which tempts us to doubt the goodness of God …or the plan He has for our lives…or the reasons why suffering happens.

The chapters cover those areas of deception most commonly believed by Christian women – for instance

  • lies about themselves – eg I should not have to live with unfulfilled longings
  • lies about sin – eg I cannot walk in consistent victory over my sin
  • lies about their marriage – eg if I submit to my husband I will be miserable
  • lies about their circumstances – eg I shouldn’t have to suffer

The beauty of this book is that each chapter contains a double page summary of all Biblical references which reveal God’s truth in the face of the lies. This is a book for everyone and you will find that it will bring challenge and comfort in times of doubt and uncertainty.

Nancy Leigh Demoss has recently added a second book to this series for teenage girls entitled Lies Young Women Believe and the truth that sets them free. This is such a great book for all parents of teenagers as it covers a wide range of issues for the 12–19 age range –it deals with self worth and self image and many other issues relating to internet bullying and sexual temptations. This book is a must read for all young women as it uncovers real life examples of the trials and temptations faced by teenage girls in the 21st century and provides a solid foundation of Biblical truth amidst the quagmire of today’s secular society.

Both of these books are ideal for women’s Bible Study Groups and Youth Fellowships and are essential reading for Christian women of all ages!